フランクフルトでは、日本文化フェス「ニッポンコネクション」に出演し大反響を呼ぶ。また現地で川渕が殺陣のワークショップを開催し、二国間の文化交流活動として高い評価を得パリでは、ヨーロッパ最大の日本文化フェスJAPAN EXPOに出演。生演奏だけでの独特な世界観で注目され多くのメディアの取材を受ける。

国内では、通常のライヴ以外にも、陸上自衛隊駐屯地式典、宇宙航空開発機構JAXA国際学会、発明家のドクター中松氏誕生パーティ等、様々な宴席での演奏といった独自の活動も数多く行い、幅広い層へのアピールを続け、着実に動員を増やし、これまでに南青山MANDALAや渋谷WWW等の、都内の会場を中心に単独公演を重ねてきた。2013年には、「さくら」「ものがたり」という二枚のアルバムを配信発売。 「ものがたり」収録曲の「地割れ」は、2014年にJ-WAVE番組MUSIC HYPER MARKETにエントリーされ、視聴者投票で2位となり、楽曲単位での評価も得た。

2014年に入り、海外からの関心と評価は徐々に高まり、7月には、ドイツのammpmusicと契約し、シングル「Roaring Tokyo」でヨーロッパ・デビューを果たす。10月、経済産業省主催で、海外26ヵ国のバイヤーを招き開催された東京国際ミュージックマーケットでは、バンドとしてブース出展、ショウケースで演奏も果たす。海外のバイヤーやマスコミから絶賛され、メンバー自らが、9カ国のバイヤーと今後の海外での活動について商談を行った。 

評判が評判を呼び、11月にはアメリカCNN局より来日しての取材が行われ、CNNインターナショナルや番組「The Art Of Movement」で全世界に紹介された。



In April 2011, KAO=S was founded in Tokyo with Kaori Kawabuchi (Vocals / Sword Dance), Shuji Yamagiri (Acoustic Guitar / Vocals) and Jack (Tsugaru Shamisen). Out of the chaos that followed the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, the band distilled a new style of Japanese art to bring to the world. And they named band “chaos”→“KAO=S”.

KAO=S combine Japanese traditional elements and modern Rock music, with musical theatre. Their sound is a blend of twin vocals and heavy acoustic guitar, overlaid with traditional Japanese instruments Tsugaru-Shamisen, using a full range of effects. And lead singer Kaori is called as “Lady Samurai” performs spellbindingly powerful sword dance. KAO=S quickly caught people’s attention.

In 2012, within a year of its formation, KAO=S was invited to perform at SXSW2012. Immediately following an enthusiastic audience reception at SXSW, the band embarked on a nationwide U.S. tour, putting on shows in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

In 2013, the music video “Ogre Of The Cherry Tree” was aired on France’s NOLIFE TV, and was entered into the program’s Hall of Fame. In March 2013, KAO=S performed at SXSW again. And they started their first European tour in Frankfurt, London, and Paris JAPAN EXPO 2013. In JAPAN EXPO, KAO=S performed on the main stage and received a great response from the audience thanks to the unique sound of their raw instruments. They received wide media coverage of their performance.

As ever, KAO=S have released two albums in iTunes stores as“SAKURA(2013)”, “Monogatari(2013)”.

In 2014, KAO=S signed a contract with German record label ammpmusic to release a single on July. And They had a live show in Tokyo International Music Market on October. They got high evaluation from many overseas buyers. Furthermore, this show case of KAO=S got praised highly by Mr. John Robb of music journalist from the U.K and was reported in his music website. In November, KAO=S received the request of an interview and the performance from program “The Art of Movement” broadcasted in CNN International. They are the first Japanese music bands appearing in this program. This program is going to be On Air in December.

KAO=S continues to mix influences from many sources, creating a new style of art and music that it intends to unfold beyond Japan and into the world.

川渕 かおり

Kaori Kawabuchi
Kaori Kawabuchi



<Kaori Kawabuchi>

 An actress who also has great skill with the Japanese sword, Kaori has worked in film and theater. She is a motion capture actress for video games, including the characters of Serah Farron in three installments of Square Enix’s ‘Final Fantasy’ series and Aya Brea in ‘Parasite Eve’. She was also featured in the full-CG movie ‘Captain Harlock’, which was released worldwide. In KAO=S she sings, recites and writes lyrics, while her fierce and beautiful sword dance created an image that has become synonymous with the band.


山切 修二

Shuji Yamagiri

山口県宇部市出身。ソロ・シンガーソングライターとして長く活動しており、アルバムやシングルをiTunes等で数作リリースしている。KAO=Sではギタリスト/ヴォーカルとして、オープンチューニングを多用したアコースティックギタープレイと、幅広い声色の歌唱で、バンドサウンドに独特さをもたらす。また、バンドのリーダーを務め、多くの作詞作曲、活動コンセプト提案、企画を行なう。KAO=Sのセルフマネジメント、D・I・O エンターテインメントの社長を務める。






<Shuji Yamagiri>

A guitarist with a long career as a singer-songwriter performing exclusively in Japanese, Shuji uses a distinct open tuning guitar style, which he combines with a wide vocal range. As the bandleader of KAO=S, he is responsible for much of the songwriting, as well for developing concepts, planning and administration. He is also the author of the KAO=S manga.



静岡生まれ、湘南育ち。バンドマンあがりの津軽三味線奏者で、市川和音会津軽三味線講師。民謡をやっている祖母の影響もあり、20歳の頃、津軽三味線の世界に目醒め、 古典を学びながらも、ROCKを感じさせるシャミセニストとして独自の活動を展開中。2010年、サークルKサンクス「初代 シャリの銀次」のキャンペーンソングを提供。2011年には、第30回津軽三味線全国大会 B級準チャンピオンに輝き、 秋には、初の海外公演、台湾、香港での演奏を果たす。2012年に入りKAO=SSXSW出演〜アメリカツアー後も、インド・イギリス・モンゴルなどで演奏する。KAO=Sでは、リード奏者として、そのエモーショナルな演奏スタイルで、静と動の世界を表現し、多くの作曲をてがける。



Today a licensed Tsugaru shamisen instructor, Jack grew up hearing his grandmother play folk songs, but didn’t take to the three-string instrument until the age of 20. Although he studied and plays the traditional style, he has developed his own rock-inflected way of playing that makes him a “shamisenist”. In 2011 he shone brightly at the 30th National Tsugaru Shamisen Convention, where he was crowned Class-B semi-champion. In addition to playing in the USA, Germany, England and France as a member of KAO=S, he has also performed by himself in places as far-flung as Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, England, and Mongolia. In KAO=S he handles much of the songwriting, while his passionate playing style evokes a completeness of the static and the dynamic.

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